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As a part of strategy formulation for a market entry to GCC market for Key Player in the games industry (European), More info
Egypt food market: Collected above are a series of studies concerning the competitive players in Egypt’s food market, the research touches on many corners of the food market, like: Pizza,…
Conducted this Study for one of the leading European firms . Includes market Sizes and key competitors market shares and profile , Multinational producers l, and Other Local producers More…
A complete review Key International and Local flavor houses and key products offered


Cheese Market Egypt​​

A Complete market review of Dairy Producers including (Types of Cheese) and market trends across past years (local/Export)

Research Study covers :

  • Processed Cheese Producers & Product offering
  • Volumes Local & Export
  • Cheese Producers – Volume
  • Processed Cheese Volume Split by Sub-Category
  • Top Cheese Producers & Production Volumes
  • Cheese Producers & Usage of Cheese Powders
  • Processed Cheese Volume  & Powder Usage 

Key Cheese Producers

Best Cheese, Green Land, Bel Egypt, Arab Dairy, Domty, Masreyeen, Juhayna, Sakr, Riyada, Mashreq, Pyramids Foods, Labanita –Seclam, Royal Land, Dairy Land, Brego, LebEgy Dairy, Bakeland, Ramy, AlTayyeb, Prima Pack, Royal Pack, Fargallah, Green Fields, Halwany, Halayeb

In 2009, we undertook the daunting task of mapping out the diverse terrain of Egypt’s milk and cheese markets of the time. A lengthy overview of the milk market illustrated the racing competition, headed primarily by Juhayna and Danone in the fields of milk, flavored milk, rayeb and yoghurt. Our first eye-catching finding, however, was that cheese, of both the white and processed variety, represented most of Egypt’s food consumption in 2009. Following this thread, we analyzed the entirety of the cheese market, and we identified Lactalis Group, Green Land and Bel Egypt as the leading producers of cheese in a ranked list of twenty-six companies. We felt that solely looking at the market’s activity in one year would detract from the study’s validity, therefore we charted the sales volume and sales value growth of processed cheese throughout 2002-2010. To avoid painting the entire industry with the same brush, we distinguished between various types of cheese being exported, and listed the volumes of cooked, grated and heat-treated cheese separately. Next, we arranged an expansive list of company profiles, which concisely points out the corporate history, quality control status and export information of the top cheese producers. The study, however, paints perhaps the most holistic picture of Lactalis Group- the world’s leading producer of cheese. We have documented the export history, in terms of export volume and value, of all bodies of Lactalis Group, including Best of France, Al Nour Industries and Best Cheese Co. In addition to detailing its various factories, our research insightfully drew our attention to Lactalis Group’s geographical coverage in Egypt; channels like Cairo, Alexandria and The Delta are all included. We believe this study exemplifies our commitment to detail, as we have poured over all the subtleties of the milk and cheese markets to ensure we cover their scope and breadth.

A Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan
Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan, Study conducted for Egyptian Market
A quick research for one of European suppliers covering Dairy Farming in Egypt and key insights, major entries and exists
A complete review of Egyptian Cheese market includes all segments competition, trends and Local /Export markets

Business Planning

Conducted Business Planning Training for The British University In Cairo / Developed Training material
A Complete Implementation of Sales Automation (Using Hand Held Computers) , Implementation Scope 100+ Sales Rep , Nation-Wide Coverage
A complete review of Cheese Market including Food Market Egypt/ Milk bench-marking/ Local & Export Sales / Processed Cheese Market Review more info
A complete Business assessment, Competition review and b-plan and Debt restructuring .

Cheese Market Egypt :

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