Career Guidance is the best way to re-enter the workforce or to reinvent your chosen career

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What is Career Guiding?

  • To begin with, career guiding is coaching. It is as personal as any other kind of coaching you may seek out. If you don’t know what you want to do,
  • if you feel stuck in your career, if you are unhappy at work, and unsure about which direction to follow, then career guiding might be advantageous; it can help you find the answers already within you, answers you may not be aware are there, just waiting to break through so you can live an authentic, satisfying life. The only difference between career and personal coaching is that in career coaching concerns about work and career are the primary focus from the beginning.
  • The term career can be defined as the totality of work one does in one’s lifetime. This can broadly include the sum of all like experiences including education, work, and leisure activities, social and family responsibilities. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want. A career guide can help you find out who you are and teach you how to go about getting what you need and what you ultimately want.

Benefits of Career Guiding

f you are undecided or confused about career choices, then you might want to consider utilizing the services of a career guide. The benefits of receiving career guiding are many. First and most obviously, a career guide can help you gain knowledge about specific careers, the workplace, and future marketing trends. Second, a career guide can help you understand who you are and what you want out of your life and your career through helping you take a look at such things as your interests, skills, abilities, values, and goals. Perhaps even more importantly, a career guide can offer you the support you need as you make decisions about your life and your career and help you actually make the transition to a more satisfying lifestyle.
In an era of downsizing and uncertainty in Egyptian business, finding a job and planning for your future is very different than it was in the past. It encompasses creativity and flexibility. Unlike in past generations, you literally have to take responsibility for your own career. If you don’t, no one else will. A career guide can help you learn exactly how to do that, she can teach you the skills you can use today and for the rest of your life.

Who Needs Career Guidance ?​

3 Types Regardless of which stage you are in, the services of a career guide can be helpful in aiding you in learning about yourself, the world of work, and your place in it.
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Ages 17-27

At entry level or not far removed from it. Concerns usually involve initial learning about oneself and one’s place in the world of work and how to negotiate early career decisions

Ages 28-39

People at this stage have already been part of the world of work, may have been involved in trial and error career starts and changes; they may have been floundering; or they may have stabilized into mastery of early to mid-level career tasks. In any case, they typically are meeting and living expectations of society and family.

Ages 39+

At this stage usually have experienced a fair amount of advancement in their careers. They have consolidated their knowledge about the world of work in general and their career paths, specifically. They may be experiencing frustration or they may see themselves either in a holding pattern or stagnating in their career paths. Regardless, they no longer want to meet the expectations of society and are ready to make changes to careers more in line with their internal sense of self.

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