Career Coaching (Career Advising)​

Discovering the right career starts with understanding what drives you. Exploring your values, interests, skills and personality through coaching, homework and assessments gives you a framework for evaluating careers. After discovering potential careers and making a decision on your next career path. Rasha Abul Nasr helps you establish your brand and devise your strategy for completing your career transition.

Benefits of Career Coaching

Our career coaching services follow a proven methodology that will empower you to:

  • Formulate career goals and a path to achieve them
  • Identify job and career characteristics that align with your values, interests, skills and personality
  • Understand how to assess career opportunities
  • Position your unique set of skills and experience for a given career
  • Create and implement an action plan to achieve all of your goals

Who Needs Career Coaching

People who are confused and hesitant in their jobs are asking the following:

  • Are you unhappy in your job and you can’t figure out why?
  • What makes you feel that your job doesn’t align with who you are?
  • You used to love your job but not anymore. What changed?
  • How did you get to this point in your career? Is this what you were meant to do?
  • How do you find a job that lets you try new things and/or earn more?
  • Did you ever take the time to figure out what you really wanted to do? Is now the time?

Two to Three sessions where you fill your Goal Form – You will be introduced to different tools for Self-Awareness, You do the psychometric accredited online test for your Certification. After having the test results, we will be working together on setting your Short – Medium – Long term Goals and draw your career path. .We have a total of 4 – 5 hours.

How Career Coaching Can Help You Reach Your Professional Goals

Some possible scenarios where a career coach may become a very useful option to opt for include:

  • At times when you feel that you are stuck in your career or the current position, you find yourself in. This happens to a lot of people. You have no idea what to do in order to become more successful, and no matter how hard you try to impress the manager, you do not make any type of progress in terms of the position that you are in.
  • When you have sent out multiple resumes to various companies because you are looking for a new job, yet no one replies to your resume. This is another common problem, and the issue here does not necessarily lie with what you have on your resume, but rather with how you present your experience, qualifications, and what you can bring to the company you are applying at.
  • If you are planning to make a complete change in your career, such as when you would like to move from one industry or specialty job to a completely different type of job. For example, you might want to move away from being in the administrative department to another sector like web design or perhaps project management. In these cases, you need skills, expertise, experience, and many other elements to support your resume and your reason for wanting to make a career change.

Do I need professional resume writing?

People regularly ask us if their resume needs rewriting. To help address that question, here are some reasons our past clients have found value in our writing services:

  • Get a new resume in less than two weeks.
  • Proven process for optimizing a resume for different job descriptions
  • Walk you through the entire process
  • Quality resumes that make a difference
  • Clean, modern, eye-catching resume templates
  • Consistent formatting that is easy to edit
  • Intake process that prompts deep reflection & insight
  • Latest trends and best practices built in
  • Identify areas that could separate you that you didn’t realize
  • Positive reinforcement and encouragement
  • Eliminate concerns over resume errors and “Is my resume the problem?”

What Our Customers Have to Say