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Law Firms Egypt

Law firms Egypt - Research Summary

  • Objective of Competitive Study
  • Competition Selection Criteria
  • Law Firm Classification (USA)
  • Law Firm Classification (Europe)
  • Local competition Summary
  • Local Competition Detailed

Law Firms Operating in Egypt :

Registered on IFLR :

  • BaQker & McKenzie
  • Shalakany Law Office
  • Al Kamel Law Office
  • Denton Wilde Sapte
  • Ibrachy & Dermarkar
  • Sharkawy & Sarhan
  • Zaki Hashem & Partners
  • DLA Matouk & Bassiouny
  • Ibrachy Law Firm
  • Trowers & Hamlins
  • Hassouna & Abou Ali
  • Kosheri Rashed & Riad
  • Sarwat A Shahid Law Firm
  • Sharkawy & Sarhan

Based on Legal 500

  • Helmy, Hamza
  • Shalakany
  • Zaki Hasham
  • Sharkawy & Sarhan
  • Ibrachy & Dermarkar
  • Trowers & Hamlins
  • Al Kamel Law Office
  • DLA Matouk Bassiouny
  • Denton Wilde Sapte
  • Nassar Law
  • Hassouna & Abou Ali
  • Sarwat A. Shahid
  • Marghany Advocates
  • Nadoury & Nahas
  • Karim Adel Law Office

When to entering densely crowded or scarcely entered markets, any business must look at the ever-crucial element of competition. This study analyzes Egypt’s various law firms, in order to pin down what competitive advantage a business needs to grow as a law firm. We found it most practical to rank the top law firms, and utilized two lists, the IFLR1000 and Legal 500, as our guide into the Egypt’s widely spread law sector. These two ranking systems sift through client feedback, questionnaires and interviews to establish a comprehensive ranking of a nation’s law practitioners. In brief, we found that the tier 1 firms were Baker & McKenzie and Shalakany Law Office. However, Al Kamel Law Office and Denton Wilde Sapte were considered tier 2 firms; our research goes on to list tiers 3 and 4 as well. For specificity’s sake, we managed to determine which firms excel in which fields; for example, Baker & McKenzie distinguishes itself in Mergers & Acquisitions, while, according to our findings, Al Kamel Law Office stands out in dispute resolution. To provide insight into the inner workings of these firms, we determine which of three operating models are used by a given law firm, the models include: growing organically, associating with a highly ranked US firm and associating with a US firm that is not highly ranked. When it comes to the actual presence of US firms in Egypt, we only found two that operate locally -Baker & McKenzie and DLA Piper- while a few other firms operate remotely. Beyond ranking the law firms, we dowsed through virtually all significant local law firms and laid out their areas of practice, services and their history. The purpose of this study, or any competitive analysis, is to understand the competing forces that drive any market, hatch a database, ponder potential market opportunities and, if possible, recruit talented personnel.

References : IFLR 1000

References : Legal 1000

Legal 500

A Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan
Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan, Study conducted for Egyptian Market
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Business Planning

Conducted Business Planning Training for The British University In Cairo / Developed Training material
A Complete Implementation of Sales Automation (Using Hand Held Computers) , Implementation Scope 100+ Sales Rep , Nation-Wide Coverage
A complete review of Cheese Market including Food Market Egypt/ Milk bench-marking/ Local & Export Sales / Processed Cheese Market Review more info
A complete Business assessment, Competition review and b-plan and Debt restructuring .

Law Firms Egypt research Contents :

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