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Pillars Recruitment

Law Firms Egypt

Country : Egypt
Scope : Service
Segment : Plan Law Firm Egypt
Project Date :  Oct 2010

Project Objectives :

A complete review of Law firms in Egypt (Competition mapping) also international Legal firms (US & European firms) , also a complete business Plan

Research Study covers :

  •  GAP analysis
  • Competition Assessment
  • Strategy Map / Business Plan
  • Objectives setting- KPI’s and Functional Objectives setting


  • Identifying Growth Alternatives (Affiliation with International Firms (US/ UK Law Firms) / Organic Growth
  • Local Competition receive including identification , Ranking (IFLR/LEGAL 500 )
  • Business Assessment of  current Business issues / progress two years revenue
  • Online Marketing (Website & Other online sites)

Competition – Int’l & Local Firms

Objective of Competitive Study
Competition Selection Criteria
US Law Firm

  • US Law-firms Setup
  • Law Firm Classification (America’s)
  • US Largest 50 Law Firms
  • US  Largest  Ten Law Firms Summary/Detail

Law Firm Classification (Europe)

  • Local competition :
  • Local competition Summary
  • Local Competition Detailed

Business Analysis

  • Market Analysis
  • Total Business
  • Local Business/International Business

Segment Analysis

  • Capital Market ,Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Banking & Finance & Investment
  • Infrastructure & Real Estate & Energy
  • General Trade & Services
  • Litigation
  • Communication & Technology

Revenue Assessment

  • Revenue / Profitability By Lawyer
  • Gross /Net Revenue by Lawyer
  • Client Analysis

Feasibility Studies​

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Market Research

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Law Firms Competition (International & Locally)

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Law Firms Competition Web Listing

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