Feasibility Studies

Other Feasibility Studies​

A Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan
Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan, Study conducted for Egyptian Market
A quick research for one of European suppliers covering Dairy Farming in Egypt and key insights, major entries and exists
A complete review of Egyptian Cheese market includes all segments competition, trends and Local /Export markets

Cheese Factory business Models Egypt

Research Summary :

A study for one of the leading cheese importer / the study covers Implementation methodology, business models & costing structure

Project Objectives :

  •  Sales / Distribution & Client Management
  • Strategic Partners, Key Activities Key Resources
  • Steps to explore your business ideas:
  • Value Propositions : Value Proposition alternatives : B2B / B2C

Country : Egypt
Scope : Industrial
Segment : Dairy, Cheese Production

Executive Summary :

In this study, we took a thorough look into Egypt’s sprawling food industry, to gauge the feasibility of entering the cheese production market, in particular. For those interested in the packing/distribution of cheese, this study can serve as a detailed guide to the risks and perks that come with potential partners, like: cheese producers, hotels/restaurants, and hypermarkets. The market sales of lead suppliers and distributors, in terms of local reach and exports, are all parsed out in the study, illustrating the cheese market’s gradual growth over time. This is coupled with numerous company profiles we’ve compiled on minor businesses as well as industry behemoths, like: Carrefour, Metro and Spinney’s. Using our research findings, we came up with a few business models, that will suit prospecting business seeking to penetrate those reviewed markets. Not only did we make sure to carefully weigh the likely risks inherent in the business models we have put forth, but we have also pinpointed both the benefits and drawbacks of several proposed launches into the cheese industry. Rest assured, we did not omit the crucial elements of pricing, market research and strategy, as they are all elaborated upon as well. Our goal of utmost importance is to provide clients with the bigger picture of any thriving industry, and this study does so by highlighting the fixtures and various nuances of Egypt’s cheese production landscape.

Study Contents :


  • B2B Models & Options :
    • Model 1 : Slicing & Packing Service provider for Cheese Producers
    • Model 2 : Cheese Slicing & Packing Service : Hyper Markets & Super Market Chains
    • Model 3 : Importer /Pack /Brand Cheese
  • Business Models :
  • B2B Key Risks & Issues
  • Value Propositions : Value Proposition alternatives : B2B / B2C
  • Cheese Manufacturers Processed Cheese – Producers & Product offering
  • Target Client Mind-set and Priorities Model 1 :
  • B2B offer & Need model 1 : Target Customers
  • Food Production Cycle 3MS and Strategic alternatives and Key Issues :
  • It is Different than Normal NPD ! Project Specific – Technical / Financial Calculations:
  • Pre Launch Scenarios
  1. Problems with differentiation – the assumption here is that the differentiated good will always be sold at a higher price:

Market Feasibility and Competitive Intelligence


  • Value Proposition(S) : Value Proposition alternatives : B2B / B2C
    • Hyper Markets Table of Contents :
    • Carrefour – Egypt
    • Makro Cash & Carry Egypt (Metro Germany)
    • Spinneys Egypt
    • Hyper One
    • Metro Market – Egypt
  • Value Proposition(S) : Value Proposition alternatives : B2B / B2C
    • Food Suppliers / Distributors (Hotels/Fast Food & Café)
    • Mido
    • Red Sea World
  • Value Proposition(S) : Value Proposition alternatives : B2B / B2C

Cheese Market Review Local & Export 2009

Processed cheese Market Growth 2006-2010

  • Cheese Market Review 2009 Cheese Producers
  • Volume / Local & Export 2009 :
  • Processed Cheese (Split by Sub-Category)
  • Top Cheese Producers (by Sub-Category) & Volume Shares (Export)
  • Idea Generation

Product Screening


Ideas for Value Propositions

Writing out the Marketing Plan

The Small Business Marketing Plan Format


Strategic Options

Project methodology

1 : Market Research :

1.1. Local Market :

1.2. Export Market

Model 1 : Feasibility Analysis highlights

Proposal for Cheese Importation / Slicing / Packing Business Mode

Project Methodology Implementation / Options:

Production / Sales & Distribution : Product & Pricing Structure

Practical Retail Pricing Concepts


Initial Markup

Conducted Business Planning Training for The British University In Cairo / Developed Training material
A Complete Implementation of Sales Automation (Using Hand Held Computers) , Implementation Scope 100+ Sales Rep , Nation-Wide Coverage
A complete review of Cheese Market including Food Market Egypt/ Milk bench-marking/ Local & Export Sales / Processed Cheese Market Review more info
A complete Business assessment, Competition review and b-plan and Debt restructuring .

Market Research

As a part of strategy formulation for a market entry to GCC market for Key Player in the games industry (European), More info
Egypt food market: Collected above are a series of studies concerning the competitive players in Egypt’s food market, the research touches on many corners of the food market, like: Pizza,…
Conducted this Study for one of the leading European firms . Includes market Sizes and key competitors market shares and profile , Multinational producers l, and Other Local producers More…
A complete review Key International and Local flavor houses and key products offered

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