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Conducted Business Planning Training for The British University In Cairo / Developed Training material
A Complete Implementation of Sales Automation (Using Hand Held Computers) , Implementation Scope 100+ Sales Rep , Nation-Wide Coverage
A complete review of Cheese Market including Food Market Egypt/ Milk bench-marking/ Local & Export Sales / Processed Cheese Market Review more info
A complete Business assessment, Competition review and b-plan and Debt restructuring .


Training Market Egypt

Training Market Research Summary

A complete overview for the Training Market in Egypt including major Training providers

Plan Contents :

1.Executive Summary

1.1.    Objectives   
1.2.    Mission   
1.3.    Keys to Success

2.Company Summary   
2.1.    Company Ownership   
2.2.    Start-up Summary   
2.3.    Company Locations and Facilities

3.1.    Service Description   
3.2.    Competitive Comparison   
3.3.    Sales Literature   
3.4.    Fulfillment   
3.5.    Technology   
3.6.    Future Services

4.Market Analysis Summary
4.1.    Market Segmentation   
4.2.    Service Business Analysis   
4.2.1.    Business Participants   
4.2.2.    Distribution Patterns   
4.2.3.    Competition and Buying Patterns
4.2.4.    Main Competitors

5.1.    Marketing Strategy   
5.1.1.    Pricing Strategy   
5.1.2.    Promotion Strategy   
5.1.3.    Distribution Strategy   

5.2.    Sales Strategy   
5.2.1.    Sales Forecast   
5.3.    Milestones

6.    Management Summary   
6.1.    Organizational Structure   
6.2.    Management Team   
6.3.    Personnel Plan   

7.    Financial Plan   
7.1.    Important Assumptions   
7.2.    Key Financial Indicators   
7.3.    Break-even Analysis   
7.4.    Projected Profit and Loss   
7.5.    Projected Cash Flow   
7.6.    Projected Balance Sheet   
7.7.    Business Ratios.

A Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan
Full Methodology for a feasibility includes Scenarios for entry and exit, business plan, Study conducted for Egyptian Market
A quick research for one of European suppliers covering Dairy Farming in Egypt and key insights, major entries and exists
A complete review of Egyptian Cheese market includes all segments competition, trends and Local /Export markets

Market Research

As a part of strategy formulation for a market entry to GCC market for Key Player in the games industry (European), More info
Egypt food market: Collected above are a series of studies concerning the competitive players in Egypt’s food market, the research touches on many corners of the food market, like: Pizza,…
Conducted this Study for one of the leading European firms . Includes market Sizes and key competitors market shares and profile , Multinational producers l, and Other Local producers More…
A complete review Key International and Local flavor houses and key products offered

Training Market Egypt - Research Methodology

Training Market Egypt Business Plan

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