Business Plan - Retail

Pillars Consultancy Recruitment Egypt

Country : Egypt
Scope : Retail
Segment : FMCG
Project Date :  Oct 2010

Business Plan Summary :

A complete business Assessment & Strategic Planning for the group includes all functions :
Production,Retail,IT and Other business Functions

Business Plan Details :

The struggle towards understanding the flaws that deeply cripple a business can be frustrating beyond all reason, which is precisely why we believe that well-made business analysis can be immensely useful. In this study, we deliver a complete rundown of Acceptus Hypermarket, in hopes of getting a grasp on the problems that hold back the business- as well as illustrate solutions. The problems we tackle are entrenched within a few of Acceptus’s functions, like: operational, managerial, category management issues and more; these pressing matters are also ranked from ones of a high priority to those of a lower priority. Key managerial issues that have been diagnosed include the absence of performance management indicators for business progress, and a marked deficiency in staff loyalty. On the operational front, a lack of signage and footfall were also alarmingly found. After digging up those aforementioned flaws, we stitched together a precise implementation plan to not only overcome these setbacks, but also to propel the business forward. Our plan proposed the introduction of home delivery into Acceptus’ offered services, and, leaving no stone unturned, we went on to detail the required steps. When it comes to the technical portion of this plan, we stressed the importance of creating an operations manual and ensuring the new interface will be compatible with the current system. In order to brew healthy morale and satisfy delivery goals, we recommend the use of bonus schemes; this should come hand in hand with strictly set customer service standards. Also, we found it paramount that Acceptus utilize booths and light boxes, and suggested, on a map of Acceptus’ store location, where they should be placed. Beyond these two objectives, our plan also nudged Acceptus towards liquidating its slow moving products – those likely to expire before being purchased. To do this, the sales of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) need to be compared to the stock report, thus establishing which products move too slowly. Selling these items at a discount, or arranging their return to a vendor, can better utilize Acceptus’ stocks and, as our research indicates, will cost about 70,000 EGP. In our pursuit of obtaining as whole a picture of Acceptus’ operation, we spared no details. We illustrated the most pertinent dilemmas that inflict Acceptus, whilst pointing the hypermarket to new horizons.

Project Scope:

  •  Management – IT
  • Deliverables:
  • GAP analysis
  • Strategic Management
  • Process Analysis – Evaluation – Documentation
  • ISO  process overview and Evaluation – Documentation
  • ERP Implementation

Business Plan Retail :

It has been always partnership rather than work relationship. Pillars has been always there for us meeting our demand no matter how complex this demand is. Moreover you always give us what we want even with the tight deadlines that we usually put you through and also the huge number of candidates we ask for. It is a great pleasure that we continue doing work together. Whenever I get asked by any of my friends for a recruitment agency that one can depend on I refer Pillars with no doubts.
AVP | Human Resources | Resourcing & Onboarding - GSC Egypt / HSBC
Shared with my colleagues the results of our successful collaboration emphasizing on your professionalism and highly appreciate assistance... I was sure that also their cooperation with you will be a success as it is ours. You are the most professional and efficient recruitment company we worked with and it is highly appreciate that we are working directly with you.
Yvonne Lorincz
Regional Human Resources Manager / Mapei
Jil logo
PILLARS has distinguished himself by consistently submitting exceptionally well-researched and well-written reports on hardware and ERP Solutions he is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills"
Hisham Ezzat
IT Director / Jil Kabo
Osama is one great consultant you can ever work with, his attention to details and in depth analysis of the situation makes you brainstorm ideas out of the blue. He is really an excellent consultant and I would definitely recommend him for highly sophisticated researches that need experts like himself”
Maha Ebraheem
Cadbury Logo
Cadbury Kraft
"Through the period that Osama reported into me, he delivered well on his objectives, his general positive outlook towards business opportunities and people, coupled with his deep desire to make a difference, resulted in him being sought after by the Leadership team to support them in delivery of their agenda, he is ineed a valuable addition to any team that he is a part of . on the personal side I have enjoyed working with osama tremendously "
Mario Adams
Strategy Director , Kraft Foods Middle East & North Africa / Cadbury Kraft
"Osama has demonstrated professional knowledge of the tools, and strategy formulation and other business areas, business upgrade plan, and other strategic recommendations highlighted by Osama ,and was very perceived by our management team and his recommendation was highly appreciated
Wagieh Shafik
Chairman / CCIE Egypt
Egypt Bakery Stores
We have been enjoying Pillars services for more than 10 years, Pillars are reliable, trustworthy and professional. We have asked for their management consultancy and recruitment services. Deliverables in both cases ware always above expectation. When it comes to recruitment, Pillars put tremendous efforts during the screening phase thus they save us all the hassle and offer only the best in the market and again they assist in the final phase of interviewing. We highly recommend Pillars with no reservation.
Yasser Kamel
Orrani Consulting
PILLARS assisted us a recent consultancy assignment on the Egyptian food ingredients market. He proved to be a high integrity and flexible resource willing to work with us to obtain a quality result and I would be pleased to recommend him to those seeking local support.”.
Richard Field

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