Mall Manager Muscat Oman

Mall Manager Muscat Oman

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Mall Manager Muscat Oman

About the Mall

One of the Largest Malls in Muscat Oman Around 10,000 Square Meters , With Various Luxury Stores

About the Vacancy:

  • The mall manager is responsible for both the behind-the-scenes and customer-facing operations of a retail shopping center. A typical day may include negotiating a lease with a retailer, handling maintenance requests, or contracting security agencies. Additionally, the mall manager is the “face” of the mall, handling customer complaints and public relations.

Role within the organization

  • The mall manager is responsible for hiring various employees, including assistant management staff, maintenance employees, security staff, and custodial help. While individual retail locations hire associates specific to those stores, the mall manager hires the behind-the-scenes mall staff.
    Research Local Economic Market
  • Must understand the market in which the mall is located. A familiarity with which retail outlets will experience success within the shopping center will ultimately contribute to the success of the facility.
  • Coordinate Mall Employees
    On a day-to-day basis, a mall manager is presented with challenges that require the coordination of staff. These challenges may take the form of coverage shortages, maintenance requests, the presence of law enforcement,
  • custodial issues, or customer complaints.
  • Advertise and Market the Mall
    While the individual stores within a mall are responsible for their own marketing, the mall manager must ensure the mall itself is represented. Marketing responsibilities may include events planning, community outreach, or advertising via mainstream media. The mall manager also creates an enticing environment to attract prospective tenants.
  • Manage Budget and Expenditures
    The mall manager has a responsibility to ensure the mall’s expenditures fall in line with its budget. This may translate to salary budgets, rent negotiation, and reconciliation of financial reports.
  • Negotiate Contracts
    A mall manager is familiar with contracts and with negotiation. The position requires the initiation of lease agreements as well as service contracts, and the mall manager can comfortably interpret and modify contracts to benefit all parties.

Job Requirements

  • Customer service – mall managers are required to interact with patrons on a daily basis and are adept at communicating with these customers in a friendly, professional manner
  • Public relations – mall managers act as the public voice for a shopping center and therefore must frequently interact with the media, the local community, and even law enforcement
  • Legal knowledge – while a legal background isn’t critical to this position, a mall manager must be familiar with contracts and even zoning ordinances
  • Financial management – the mall manager is responsible for financial aspects of the retail shopping center, including rent collection, payroll, accounts payable to vendors, and budgeting
  • Communication skills – a mall manager can effectively communicate with a diverse group of individuals, including property management, retail management, security staff, middle management, and more
  • Computer experience – mall managers use computers to track inventory, record payroll, and perform other administrative tasks. Familiarity with the internet and wordprocessing is usually a requirement for the position

Job Features

Job CategoryExperienced, Fresh Graduates

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