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By Rasha Abul Nasr

Life Coaching

About Life Coaching /Councelling

What is Life Coaching ?

  • In a general way, as we mentioned, life coaching is about helping others reach their goals. It isn’t about setting those goals for them, but about finding strategic methods to help those people achieve what they’ve set for themselves.
  • There are, specifically, many different types of what’s known as life coaching.
  • In fact, because life coaching is helping someone to achieve a goal they’ve set for themselves, the types of life coaching can be quite large. This is because people set themselves so many different types of goals, and may need help in each

What does a Life Coach do ?

  • Motivate: Life coaches are similar to personal trainers; except they help you reach your life goals. This means that their no 1 mission is to motivate and engage you to reach the goals you have set to yourself.
  • Strategize: they help you strategize by asking the most important questions. This will help you with an effective and focused pathway towards your goals.
  • Hold you Accountable: life coaches with their constant push and follow up, you can reach your goals.

How can it improve your life ?

  • As a life goal setter coach, can help you if have a lot of negative self-talk. That voice in your head that tells you that you are worthless, or fat, or failure. Life Coaching can be focused around changing this behavior within you. Changing the way you treat yourself and seeing yourself in a different light.

Could it Change your life !

  • I can help you in improving your Confidence, Self-Worth & Self Esteem Loving Relationships – Career Change – Self Care – Getting Your Own Needs Met
  • Living Your Purpose and achieve your goals
  • Hot Buttons – Managing Anger, Upsets, Frustration and Stress

Types of Life Coaching

There are three major Types:


  • This is the one most people think of when they hear About it ,  Personal coaching takes a holistic approach to coaching by trying to help clients find balance.
  • This means they look at the client’s career, relationships, spirituality, priorities, productivity, habits, and many more, and focuses on them all or on in particular.


  • Most career coaches work with teams or individuals and help them find careers that would provide them greater satisfaction and fulfillment.
  •  Good for determining the client’s interests, passions and skills and use that to match them with a career the client will love


  • For couples, this usually means working on improving communication, intimacy and other aspects.
  • For singles, this could be help in finding a partner, preparing them for relationships, and other important features.

Make your Move

If you spend a lot of time worrying about what has already happened or what might happen again, this can cause a lot of anxiety within your body If you have things in your life that make you unhappy, it is great to find a trustworthy life coach to help you change your life

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