Lead Generator

Our definition for Lead Gen

Our Lead Generator can tailor your campaign by selecting geographical areas with specific industry

To target your segment clients.

The process of lead generation is actually very easy

—but, like most easy things, difficult to do right

What is Lead Generator

A great simple solution to reach
New Leads

in new areas with your e-marketing tool.

Tried a specific country and we got around 2,000 emails for dedicated web sites in a specific industry and the
ROI increased with 3%. 


Our Lead Generator can tailor your campaign by selecting geographical areas for your field
We ensure the market you are trying to reach can be made available to you as soon as you require it to be. . v
We deploy the best and the legitimate practice to obtain the vital data. Once you select a certain country with a specific sector/ industry,
We provide : accurate, comprehensive, highly desirable and targeted customer database to market your products and services. The detail and the segmentation of Our wealth of database and the cutting edge technology enable us to generate the LEADs as per your requirements.

What Does it Require ? (Pre-requisites)

Company profile stating your services & reflecting your image.

Your web site should be accessible & full of your information
introductory message should contains the following: The (7) C’s: Clear – concise – content – context – conglomerate – catchy and client based
Software for sending mass e-mails without being blocked as a spam,
CRM – Customer Relation Management Software; to maintain the clients records and follow up with the clients’ requests. And to measure the ROI before and after using this Lead Gen.

Digital Marketing Specialist who is responsible for the specific message along with answering the new leads’ request directly,  to retain existing customers


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4 Road 151 Maadi , Cairo
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