Property Consultants, Seniors, & Sales Manager SkyWalk (Premuim Real Estate)

Property Consultants, Seniors, & Sales Manager SkyWalk (Premuim Real Estate)

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Vacancies :
Property Consultants , Senior Consultants & Sales Manager

  • Property Consultant/Advisor (5,000 EGP-7,000 EGP)
  • Property Senior Consultant/Advisor (7,000 EGP-9,000 EGP)
  • Sales Manager (10,000 EGP-12,000 EGP)
  • Direct Commission (13,000 EGP Per Million)
  • In Direct Commission (5,000 EGP Per Million)

About Skywalk Developments

Skywalk Developments is a pioneering Real- Estate Developer focused on building innovative and differentiated projects in Egypt.


  • The Skywalk project is set-out to be Egypt’s most prestigious world-class mixed-use project.
    The project is meticulously designed by the world’s top-notch firms to secure a first-rate comfortable and natural experience by amalgamating superior dining, shopping, entertainment, business and hospitality features.
  • Skywalk is a unique fusion between the state- of-the-art facilities and outstanding experiences of the west fused with our traditional Egyptian local flair and culture. The project secures a differentiated, innovative and magical encounter for all its guests and promises an experience matched by no other.  The project is designed to be the ultimate destination for the capital’s movers and shakers.
  • The company was founded on the backbone of a diversified real-estate group with notable brokerage and financial arms. With international experience and expertise, particularly from the US, the company brings together a wealth of experts with reputable credence to form one of Egypt’s premier development teams.
  • The company is set out to build iconic landmarks across the nation and is kicking- off its project roster with its first landmark project, Skywalk.


  • The Skywalk project is the most strategic and prestigious address on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
    The project is critically located with the closest proximity to the largest administrative area; namely, Smart Village.  The project is also mid-point between the new Cairo West Airport and the Grand Museum & Pyramids. The project is the closest to Sheikh Zayed city yet on the Cairo-Alex Desert Road itself serving both the rapidly growing residential projects of the area as well as that of Sheikh Zayed city.  The project is also highly accessible from the city as the first project from the exit of the Mehwar.
    All of this secures unparalleled convenience to the area’s residents, business community and international tourists.
    The luxury hotel within the Skywalk project establishes a strong destination for the project.
    The hotel includes health and wellness spa, fitness and pool deck and is associated with conference facilities that will provide Cairo with a world-class conference hall and meeting facilities for business and family celebrations.
  • The hotel will be strongly complimenting project’s dining & entertainment facility well as serving the business community both the project and the area. International tourists arriving at the C West airport to visit the Egyptian Gr Museum and Pyramids will have a lux address to call home.


  • Entertainment is a staple of the Skywalk brand.
    Skywalk brings together both exclusive entertainment for Cairo’s trend-setters as well as families alike. The project illustrates the Performance Plaza for large night parties as well as for family fun day activities.
    The project also hosts a unique membership roof-top pool that hosts the city’s exclusive parties. For our kids, Skywalk will open doors to a state-of-the-art activity center for ballet, arts, music and crafts.
    Kids may also enjoy Candy World where they may treat themselves to sweet indulgence


  • Shopping at Skywalk provides a uniquely exceptional experience as Egypt’s first true outdoor shopping venue, taking advantage of the magnificent weather of the city.
  • Skywalk promises to boast not only the brands loved by everyone but also exclusive brands to the region.


  • Skywalk will also become home to many leading international and local corporations. The business park at Skywalk boasts state-of- the-art facilities to serve the businesses in the project as well as a world-class conference hall.
    The business district is the most prestigious address for financial institutions and other major organizations in the economy.


  • The two main water elements are the plaza fountain and the long raised fe the Riverwalk.  The Plaza fountain the vertical icon for the project
    The project’s water laser feature ac unique and iconic draw to announce the project to the highway and to make a dynamic attraction within the Performance Plaza.  The project’s artwork acts as an impactful visual representation of the Skywalk brand.


  • Skywalk’s dining experience is simply unmatched by any other.
    The project brings together the world’s most recognized names in nightlife and indulging fine-dining.


  • For Phase 1A the dining units face and spill out onto the main Performance Plaza. Upper level balconies and ground level seating areas provide the option for a protected outside dining experience directly connected to the Plaza activities.
    The canopy, the tree grove and the fountains add to the engagement of the space and help mitigate the extremes of the climate to provide a comfortable and dynamic place to eat.
  • The animation of the restaurant crowd will add to the attraction of the project  when viewed from the Highway.


  • The 50m set back to the highway should be landscaped with strong geometric forms to create a striking image when viewed at speed from a car. Drought tolerant native species, particularly seasonal desert flowing plants, combined with colored gravels can form broad swaths of color that vary through the year. This xeriscape concept reduced maintenance and water use while showcasing Skywalk’s sustainable credentials

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Osama Abou Mousallam

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