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Position Description:
A project manager supervises other department heads in carrying out certain projects, and keeps upper management personnel informed as to how a particular plan is progressing.

  • Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a Project Director
    Coordinates the efforts of various workers in order to ensure that required tasks can be accomplished
    Develops a timeline for the completion of certain milestones for a given project
    Creates a budget for the completion of a particular job, and monitors the amount of money spent in order to ensure the project does not exceed this amount
    Recommends changes to a project that is ongoing if it appears it is not proceeding on schedule or is producing unsatisfactory results
    Develops an alternate course of action for completing a job should the initial plan fail
    Makes presentations to investors, business partners and company executives concerning different phases of a project
    Reviews proposals and approves or denies them
    Contracts with outside agencies for support on an as-needed basis

Job Requirements

  • Is able to foster a sense of team spirit within different departments
    Communicates well and relays information in a timely manner
    Has good budgeting skills and is able to reduce costs without making adjustments that would affect quality
    Knows what is required in order for a particular project to be completed, and has realistic expectations as far as meeting deadlines go
    Possesses good math skills, and can make accurate calculations quickly and easily
    Has good leadership and supervisory skills

Job Features

Job CategoryEngineering
Job LevelSenior Managers , Directors & Executives

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