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Group Administration Manager
Military or law Enforcement (Police) background is a must

  • 1-Job Summary:
  • The position holder is responsible for supervising and directing all administrative staff and ensures their compliance to company policy and fulfillment of their duties, and their transport, as well as supervising all the buildings and dealing with governmental bodies. The Group Administration Manager reports to the Chief Operating Officer.
  • 2- The Group Administration Manager has direct supervision for the following:
  • Security (Supervise the Manager of the Security department and all his internal and externally contracted staff, plus ensure that all premises are fully secure at all times, and ensure security personnel are of professional level and performing their duties diligently at all times)
  • IT (Supervise the IT staff and ensure that all IT, internet and camera equipment is in working order at all times)
  • Engineering and Maintenance (Supervise the Head of Engineering and Maintenance and ensure highest quality of maintenance of assets, equipment and buildings maintenance)
  • HR (Supervise the HR department and make sure that the recruitment and hiring process of the new candidates is at the highest level and that the candidates have the proper qualifications and the belief and spirit of company values)
  • Administrative affairs (supervision of any and all administrative affairs related to the company such as the supply of Administrative needs of the company, taking care of the safety and cleanliness of the Group premises and its contents, regularly updating administration and security operating manuals etc).
  • 3- Responsibilities:
  • Supervise, direct and control administration staff and ensure the fulfillment of their duties and assigned tasks
  • Keeping inventories of all assets relating to the company and their contents
  • Keeping inventories of the Warehouse and control of items going in and out of the warehouse
  • Management of employees’ transportation needs for their business missions
  • Purchasing Operations
  • Employees discipline and their compliance to Group rules and policies as well as their efficiency and productivity, adherence to attire rules etc.
  • Manage petty cash and settle it with finance department
  • Deal with all governments, institutions and authorities such as local government, municipality, police etc.
  • Supervise and follow-up all types of purchases
  • Coordinate and follow-up with Finance department regarding insurance of all Group assets
  • Supervise maintenance of building and tools and ensure its efficiency
  • Follow-up on all staff compliance to Group rules and regulations
  • Sudden inspections on different premises to ensure tasks are carried out effectively and take corrective actions if necessary
  • Establishing strong relations with Governmental entities to facilitate the Group’s interests
  • Follow-up completion of Group needs that include purchase, communications, tools. Equipment etc.
  • Communicate daily with governmental and non- governmental entities in the Group’s best interests
  • Commit to reduce costs without compromising quality
  • Monitor all assets movements and periodically evaluate those assets
  • Maintain reputable Group reputation by resolving complaints
  • Supervise the annual inventory of all Group assets and monitor its movements
  • Plan and get best possible offers for all unused and unnecessary tools and equipment
  • Ensure cleanliness of all Group premises are up to standards
  • Deal with governmental authorities such as electricity and water companies, traffic department etc.
  • Manage the insurance of all Group properties and assets
  • Daily follow- up on all security personnel and ensure their discipline, fitness and security awareness

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor degree from an accredited university with a military or police background, postgraduate management studies preferred
  • Experience of at least 15 years, including at least 5 in a managerial role
  • Computer Literacy
  • Leadership and decision making skills and able to handle stress
  • Excellent knowledge of Arabic and English, both written and spoken

Job Features

Job CategoryAdministration-General
Job LevelSenior Managers , Directors & Executives

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