Egypt Dairy Market Review

Pillars Consultancy Recruitment Egypt

Country : Egypt
Scope : industrial FMCG
Segment : Cheese & Dairy Market Egypt

Research Summary :

complete Review of Processed Cheese Market in Egypt Including Export and Local Markets- including a complete review of Egypt Cheese & Salty Snacks Markets

Executive Summary :

Here, we tackle the Egyptian dairy market, and research whether or not it is feasible for a bold entrepreneur to start a dairy farm. Beginning with the practicalities of operating a dairy farm, this pre-feasibility study looks at three key project components, which are: vetting, machinery and feeding. The crucial position of farm manager is fleshed out in the study, as the responsibilities and requirements for the job are both explained. To keep track on performance, the farm should implement both financial KPIs, like farm working expenses; and physical KPIs, like the total supplements used. At Pillars, we keep in mind that no business, not even a dairy farm, exists in a vacuum, therefore it is as imperative to analyze the dairy market as it is to analyze the farm itself. We began with a SWOT analysis of the Egyptian dairy market, and identified it as the ‘backbone and mainstay of the economy’ while not losing sight of how there is a lack of market information in an already disorganized sector. Our methodology involved probing three major prongs of the dairy market: White cheese, yoghurt and milk. Interestingly, we found significant consumer conversion from loose milk to packaged milk, which is due mainly to health concerns. Similarly, the highly competitive yoghurt has shifted towards packaged yoghurt, due to the intense promotion of multinational producers; according to our research, these new entrants are symptomatic of rapid market growth. In spite of high profit margins and strong margins, the relatively new white cheese market is unfortunately fragmented, in terms of producers. These trends are all painstakingly detailed in the study, and, to the up-and-coming dairy entrepreneur, following them may set a business on the right path forward.

Project Objectives :

Project Scope Assessment of Egypt market and potentiality of market growth against other international sources as (European / New Zealand ) markets


  • Market review including (Skimmed Milk Powder / Cheese / Whey )
  • Importers / Food Processors/ Food Service – Market Review / Assessment

Egypt Dairy Market Review

  • Totals By Category & Region
  • Category  Review by Region :
  • Regions / Country split by Category
  • Country Imports  Split by Category 2009 – 2011
  • Category Market Growth  2010 – 2011
  • Skimmed Milk
  • Total Category & Region Growth 2008-2011
  • Category Analysis by Source

Imports /Exports :

Anlysis by Product
(Whole Milk/Cheese/Whey/Lactose )
  • Total Category & Regional Growth 2008-2011
  • Region / Country /Class 2008-2011
  • Category – Country 2009-2011
  • Category Analysis by Source

Dairy Market Review

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